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How to save on luggage when traveling

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How to save on luggage when traveling

We often use flight comparison websites to find cheaper tickets. But here’s the twist: while these websites can save us money on tickets, adding luggage can cost more than doing it on the airline’s site. In this post, we’ll explain this and give you simple tips to handle it.

  1. Check the Total Cost: Always think about the total price of your trip, which includes both the ticket and luggage fees. Sometimes, even if the luggage fees are a bit higher on comparison websites, the overall cost might still be lower because of the cheaper ticket.
  2. Visit the Airline’s Website: Buy flight ticket through comparison website, because its usually cheaper, and then add luggage on airlines website. Before you finalize your booking on a comparison website, go to the official website of the airline. Look at their luggage options and prices. You might find special deals there that you can’t get through other websites.
  3. Think About Your Luggage Needs: If you can travel with just a small bag, like a carry-on, the lower ticket price on comparison websites can be a great advantage. But if you need to check luggage, think carefully about the total cost.
  4. Consider Different Luggage Options: Airlines often offer various luggage choices, like different weight limits or ticket types that include luggage. Pick the one that suits your luggage needs best.
  5. Look at Loyalty Programs: If you often fly with a particular airline, booking directly on their website might help you earn rewards like miles or points.
  6. Choose Convenience: Think about what’s easiest for you. Some people like the convenience of booking everything in one place, even if it means paying a bit more for luggage.

Conclusion: Comparison websites can help you find cheap flight tickets, but adding luggage might cost more. To make smart decisions, compare the total cost, check the airline’s website for deals, think about your luggage needs, consider loyalty programs, and choose what’s most convenient for you. This way, you can balance saving on tickets with luggage costs and have a smooth travel experience.