Looking to go on a cheap trip abroad in 2024?

  1. Vietnam: It’s got big cities, cool nature spots, and food and places to stay are cheap.
  2. Bulgaria: In Eastern Europe, it’s got nice beaches, old towns, and mountains, and it won’t cost you a lot.
  3. Portugal: This country has a lot to offer, like history, good food, and beautiful coastlines, and it’s not too expensive.
  4. Thailand: Some parts can be pricey, but you can find cheap stuff too, like in Chiang Mai or on less touristy beaches.
  5. Mexico: There’s a lot to see here, from ancient ruins to nice beaches, and it’s usually pretty affordable.
  6. Romania: It’s got cool castles and cities, and you won’t spend a ton on food or places to stay.
  7. Indonesia: With tons of islands to explore, there’s something for everyone here, and it’s usually cheap.
  8. These are just a few ideas for cheap trips abroad in 2024. You can have fun without spending too much money! Enjoy your travels!”