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North Avenue Beach, Illinois

It’s most definitely a seasonal beach, but rest assured when the sun comes out from May until September, the denizens of the Windy City know that the best place to be is at one of the city’s dozens of urban beach spots. North Avenue Beach is the standout as it’s home to a beloved ocean-liner-inspired beach house complete with a bubbly beach bar

Miami Beach, Florida

Whether you decide to hit the sand of scintillating South Beach or opt for more laid-back Mid-Beach or North Beach, Miami Beach is all you think it’s going to be and then some. Gorgeous sands, warm water and elite-level people-watching opportunities all await at one of the nation’s most famous strands.

Destinations Where The Wild West Lives On

Tombstone, Arizona

Known far and wide as the town where the “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” went off, Tombstone revels in its made-for-Hollywood name and connection to the most famous shootout in the history of the Wild West. Amble down Allen Street to the Tombstone Theater or the O.K. Corral to see the famous battle reenacted or pay a visit to Wyat Earp’s former home, which is now a museum and gallery. Oh, and no trip here is complete without a stop at Big Nose Kate’s Saloon for a frosty refreshment. 

Deadwood, South Dakota

When gold was found in the Black Hills in the 1870s, sketchy folks from all over the country streamed into Deadwood, bringing with them the wild and woolly shenanigans forever associated with the Wild West. Wet your whistle at Saloon No. 10—the place where “Wild Bill” Hickok was shot while gambling— before taking in a historical reenactment and visiting the Mount Moriah Cemetery to see where Wild Bill and Calamity Jane were laid to rest. The town is also the perfect base for exploring Mount Rushmore, Devil’s Tower and the Crazy Horse Monument. 

Monument Valley, Utah

You’ve seen it a million times on the silver screen and on television, but there’s nothing like gazing upon Monument Valley in person. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported directly into a Western movie and perhaps no other landscape in the West possesses quite the same power. 

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